Flooring Installation


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Prepping Your Space for the Installation

Rooms need to be empty when the installers arrive. All furniture, appliances, TV’s and stereos and all their associated wiring must be removed. In a bathroom, the toilet bowl should be removed as well. If you have gas appliances, you will need a professional to safely disconnect them.

Depending on the terms of your installation, you may be required to remove and dispose of the present flooring and have the subfloor clean. When your space is being measured, make sure your doors will fit over the new flooring. It may be necessary to have a carpenter cut the doors so that they swing clear.

Six Tips for Happy Installations

• The installation space and the work area should be heated to at least 65 degrees
• All children and pets need to be kept away from the work areas for their own safety
• The installers will need access to electricity
• Before the installers start laying the floor, make sure all the materials are checked for flaws and damage
• Seams in carpeting and sheet vinyl should be placed as inconspicuously as possible
• Make sure the layout plan for carpeting takes into consideration the fabric’s nap. The installation should have all the nap going the same way.

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