How to Measure for Carpet Installation


Preparing for Carpet Installation

Unless you are only doing one or two rooms, then you should have a professional measure for carpet installation at your home. The staff at Carpet Mill Outlet will be happy to come to your home and measure for you at no charge – whether it is for one room or your entire house.

If you want to know how to measure for carpet installation yourself, you are going to need more than just a tape measure and a calculator to be successful.

Carpeting Measurement for Installation

There are few critical factors that must be taken into consideration when measuring for carpet installation:
  • The direction of the nap - All connecting rooms need to lay down the same direction
  • Some carpets have a pattern match that must be figured
  • Seams should be located away from traffic and highly visible areas when possible.
  • Seams, pattern match, and nap direction may require you to purchase more carpet than the exact square footage of the room.

An easy way to begin is to draw a rough sketch (on graph paper) of the room, including doorways and closets. Measure the longest and widest parts of the room including closets and bring in to us so we can give you an estimate. Remember: Square Footage = Length x Width.
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