Why is it better to buy a rug in store?

Rugs are the perfect way to finish a room, change the style, add a pop of color, or even disguise an imperfect floor. Not only do they soften up a room rugs provide important benefits including slip resistance and sound deadening properties. The challenge is finding the right rug for your room and your style. There are thousands and thousands of rugs to choose from in a wide range of shapes, sizes, colors and style. A simple online search can prove overwhelming and confusing. However, it can be a useful tool to hone in on what you are looking for.
We recommend purchasing your rug in a store. There are many reasons but here are a few:
  1. Design Expertise if you don't know what your "style" is or what style type fits your d cor, an experienced design consultant can guide you through the selection process. They know design, color and how the rug should fit around your furniture. It is always helpful to bring in a pic or two to show them so they can help you coordinate.
  2. Style and Color What does the rug really look like? All monitors are different, meaning true color is really hard to see on a screen. When you view the rug in person you can see all of the hues and transitions. The scale of the design or pattern is also much easier to view in person the pattern may look bolder in real life or less pronounced but at least you will know.
  3. Quality the old adage "you get what you pay for" is not necessarily true with online rug purchases. When you see a rug in a store, you are able to touch and feel it to assess the quality of the exact rug you are purchasing. You can discuss with your consultant the difference between machine made and hand tied rugs and the value of each. There is nothing like being able to lay a hand on it to know what you are selecting.
  4. Timing sometimes there is a sense of urgency you are hosting a party, an old friend is coming to visit or you just want to check it off your to-do list. Whatever the reason, you can take that rug home immediately and try it out in your home, with your light. You don't have to wait for days to have it delivered.

So go ahead, look online but visit a showroom to make your final rug selection. You won't regret the experience of purchasing exactly what works best for you and your home.