Blog > Joanna Gaines - Plant designs and free plant prints

Joanna Gaines - Plant designs and free plant prints

Joanna Gaines - Fixer Upper - Season 4

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If you watched Season 4 of Fixer Upper you will see the plants and designs that Joanna has been using. No bring in some of theses designs and some of the same plants that you saw used in Season 4 of Fixer Upper.

Download these free plant printables below! They were individually hand-painted and lettered by Joanna's artists.

This print comes in sizes 8 x 10 and 5 x 7, so keep that in mind if you decide to frame it. We suggest adding a 2 inch white mat board to add an extra layer to your frame.

DOWNLOAD the 5×7 files HERE
DOWNLOAD the 8×10 files HERE

Blog > Ways to get the Fixer Upper Look In Your Home

Ways to get the Fixer Upper Look In Your Home

Joanna Gaines - Fixer Upper

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Joanna Gaines from the hit TV show Fixer Upper is really stepping it up and taking over the design world. Her design and decorating talents are clearly taking off, you can see all her creative juices on each episode of the show.

If you’ve been dreaming of making your home look like it was featured on Fixer Upper, but not sure where to start, take a look at some of these ways to make it look like Joanna Gaines decorated your home.

White, White, and more White!

It is pretty clear that Joanna loves using white and features it in almost every episode. Sometime she will change the dark colors to white walls, adding window coverings or white accessories and light rugs. Since we started carrying the Joanna Gaines Magnolia Rug line we have had many interior decorators, designers and specialists leverage her design style to give it that look. We have a few of her collections available in our Portland Showroom.

Hard Surface and Raw Wood

Joanna loves to use raw wood look on so many different things. In each episode you will see that every home has a hard surface and wood look flooring. She tries to tie that together with furniture and shelving. Not everyone is gets lucky to have old hardwood floors to sand down and bring back to life. If you get lucky with that in your original home that is a great way to go. Luckily there are many new trends with hard surface options, including tile. We have a handful of options available in our showroom to help give you this look. Hardwoods, tiles and laminates throughout our showroom giving you options.

Metal Accessories

Joanna uses a lot of metal accessories on the show. Adding some simple items like vases, pots or even chairs is an easy way to get that Fixer Upper look.

Light Color Palettes

Joanna’s designs always look bright and give you that open, and airy feel. She loves to use a lot of light and very neutral colors.


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