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Areas Rugs - Dress up your Home for the Holidays

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Area rugs are the perfect accessory to complete a room’s décor, breathe new life into a boring space, define a nook, or simply add warmth over a cool hard surface floor. A beautiful area rug is to a room what a tie is to a suit or the perfect pair of shoes to an outfit. The right area rug will define the mood of the room while adding your own personal sense of style. Area rugs are tremendously versatile, yet they are also practical and functional – they offer noise reduction, protection for the floor and prevent slipping.

When choosing an area rug style, you will first want to consider how the space will function: Think about whether the rug will lay in a high traffic, every day gathering place or if it will be in a more formal setting. Also think about the rug’s purpose – will it be the focal point or will it showcase other elements in the room?

The other important item to ponder is your personal design preference for the room. Is it casual or elegant? Whimsical or Natural? Since there are so many designs, colors, shapes and sizes, choosing the right rug can be overwhelming at first. But if you have an idea of the how the space will function and your style– you will be ahead of the game when you start shopping. A sales consultant will happily walk you through the selection process as you share with them where you are placing the rug, how it will function, and your own personal design preferences. The options are limitless with area rugs – but remember they are easy to change out and update.

The right choice will create magic in your room and an inviting space for you and your guests to celebrate the holidays. At Carpet Mill Outlet we stock hundreds of rugs in a range of styles and sizes for you take to home right away – so visit our experts today!
Blog > Why go with wool flooring?

Why go with wool flooring?

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Wool has been the standard in floor covering for centuries and represents all the qualities that synthetic fibers try to emulate. When you are ready to make an investment in your home, consider the following:
    Wool is a biodegradable natural fiber and one of the most environmentally forgiving flooring products.
    Wool is a renewable product and therefore has less impact on the environment.
    Wool has a longer life cycle than other fibers resulting in a smaller environmental footprint.
    Wool is a non-allergenic fiber and does not promote the growth of bacteria and dust mites, or give off harmful emissions.
    Wool cleans better and won’t soil quickly due to its natural soil resistance, making chemical stain protection treatments unnecessary.
    Wool fibers absorb and neutralize polluting gases such as formaldehyde, sulphur dioxide and nitrous oxides.Aesthetic Reasons for Wool Carpet:
    From luxurious and elegant too casual and comfy, carpet can give a space an entirely different feel, from tiles to patterns.
    In addition to feeling nice to walk, sit and lay on, carpet provides shock absorption thanks to its flexibility and cushioning. Which over a long period of time is good for the body.
    Sound carries much further when there is no carpet in the space. This is because hard surfaces can't absorb sound the way that soft surfaces - such as carpet- can.
Blog > What are Magnolia Rugs?

What are Magnolia Rugs?

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So if you aren’t a fan of HGTV you may have missed one of their hottest shows, Fixer Upper hosted by Chip and Joanna Gaines. The premise of the show which takes place in and around Waco, Texas, is finding the worst house in a neighborhood and restoring it to its former self. Starting with a complete interior and exterior re-model through to the furnished rooms. Chip is the muscle behind the restoration driving the construction while Joanna is the brains behind the design. While they are incredibly likable and charming, after watching a few episodes you are hooked by their creative eyes and design savvy.

Loloi Rugs caught on quick to that savviness as they hired Joanna to create a line of rugs that capture Joanna’s “timeless” style that is “simple and fresh”. Joanna says it best herself, “When people see the line, I think they’ll get an immediate sense of my style. I feel it is important to design pieces I would put in my own home.” That style equates to a range of collections utilizing natural and synthetic fibers, vintage and transitional in a gamut of colors and sizes. At affordable prices these rugs are a must have – and a way to get a little piece of Joanna Gaines’ style without going to Waco.

Stop by our Facebook page and see the latest Magnolia Rug Collection of Joanna Gaines, available at our Portland Oregon Carpet Mill Outlet location.

Blog > Why is it better to buy a rug in store?

Why is it better to buy a rug in store?

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Rugs are the perfect way to finish a room, change the style, add a pop of color, or even disguise an imperfect floor. Not only do they soften up a room – rugs provide important benefits including slip resistance and sound deadening properties. The challenge is finding the right rug for your room and your style. There are thousands and thousands of rugs to choose from in a wide range of shapes, sizes, colors and style. A simple online search can prove overwhelming and confusing. However, it can be a useful tool to hone in on what you are looking for.
We recommend purchasing your rug in a store. There are many reasons but here are a few:
  1. Design Expertise – if you don’t know what your “style” is or what style type fits your décor, an experienced design consultant can guide you through the selection process. They know design, color and how the rug should fit around your furniture. It is always helpful to bring in a pic or two to show them so they can help you coordinate.
  2. Style and Color – What does the rug really look like? All monitors are different, meaning true color is really hard to see on a screen. When you view the rug in person you can see all of the hues and transitions. The scale of the design or pattern is also much easier to view in person – the pattern may look bolder in real life or less pronounced but at least you will know.
  3. Quality – the old adage “you get what you pay for” is not necessarily true with online rug purchases. When you see a rug in a store, you are able to touch and feel it to assess the quality of the exact rug you are purchasing. You can discuss with your consultant the difference between machine made and hand tied rugs and the value of each. There is nothing like being able to lay a hand on it to know what you are selecting.
  4. Timing – sometimes there is a sense of urgency – you are hosting a party, an old friend is coming to visit or you just want to check it off your to-do list. Whatever the reason, you can take that rug home immediately and try it out in your home, with your light. You don’t have to wait for days to have it delivered.

So go ahead, look online but visit a showroom to make your final rug selection. You won’t regret the experience of purchasing exactly what works best for you and your home.
Blog > Why Purchase Rugs, Carpet Rolls and Remnants for Your Home

Why Purchase Rugs, Carpet Rolls and Remnants for Your Home

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Why Purchase Rugs, Carpet Rolls and Remnants for Your Home
Rugs, carpet rolls and remnants are the most popular choice for most of the homeowners when it comes to flooring options. You have many choices, colors, sizes, designs and styles. If you have small or big projects for your home and want to remodel or refresh your space, then we will be the best option for you.
Purchasing high quality rugs, carpet rolls and remnants for your project will provide you a lot of benefits that you will surely enjoy. Among of its benefits include:
  • Best solution for your floor - These products are ideal solutions for your floor to maintain its good look. It can be installed in just manner of time.
  • Affordable in price – We offer OUTLET store pricing so you will see our normal pricing is far below other retailers SALE prices.
  • High quality products - Our buyers shop for popular and great quality flooring, so you will have the assurance that it will look great for years to come.
  • Availability in the market - Most of the rugs, carpet rolls and remnants are always available in the market so there is no need for you to worry about their availability. These products come in wide ranging options. You will find a large selection of available flooring choices.

Come by our showroom and look through our selections of rugs, carpeting and remnants and you will find some great options to make some updates in your home.

These are only few of many benefits. Finding the right rug, carpet rolls and remnants products will provide you assurance that you can change the overall look of your home in an affordable and easy way.

Now, you can start looking for the best rugs, carpet rolls or remnants for your home and create a look that will add value to your home that you can be proud of.
Blog > Rugs that Totally Make the Room

Rugs that Totally Make the Room

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Most people think rugs are an accessory to the room. More of an afterthought, something that can be purchased after the fact, like a lamp or a table.

Truth is that almost nothing has as big of an impact on the look of a room as a rug.

In this room below the other elements are kept simple and minimal to let the patterned rug take things to the next level. This Ivory / Grey Horizon rug below is available in our showroom in a 5' X 7' for only $239. A simple, yet great addition to any room.

Hand-Tufted of 100% Polyester with Cotton Backing.

This rug adds some texture and design to a run of the mill dining room. It can also be found in our collection of rugs in our showroom and would be a great addition to your home.

Hand-Tufted of 100% Polyester with Cotton Backing.

We have many more rugs and designs available to help you give color, texture and a warm feel to your rooms, giving them a feel of unity and cohesiveness.

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