Rugs that Totally Make the Room

Most people think rugs are an accessory to the room. More of an afterthought, something that can be purchased after the fact, like a lamp or a table.

Truth is that almost nothing has as big of an impact on the look of a room as a rug.

In this room below the other elements are kept simple and minimal to let the patterned rug take things to the next level. This Ivory / Grey Horizon rug below is available in our showroom in a 5' X 7' for only $239. A simple, yet great addition to any room.

Hand-Tufted of 100% Polyester with Cotton Backing.

This rug adds some texture and design to a run of the mill dining room. It can also be found in our collection of rugs in our showroom and would be a great addition to your home.

Hand-Tufted of 100% Polyester with Cotton Backing.

We have many more rugs and designs available to help you give color, texture and a warm feel to your rooms, giving them a feel of unity and cohesiveness.