Four tips for the best carpet

Four tips for the best carpet

To make the best purchasing decision when shopping for carpet, consider where you will be installing it, how that space will be used, and who will occupy it.

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Loop pile carpeting is ideal for high-traffic areas

With its tight weave, loop pile carpet will wear well in the most active areas of your home. The shortest loop styles are durable since dirt stays close to the surface, and you are sure to remove it every time you vacuum. In addition, this style won't show footsteps.

Cut pile carpet is found in many styles and fibers

Top-quality cut pile carpeting comprises closely packed fibers that are twisted to prevent unraveling. Casual-looking frieze styles are tightly twisted, so fibers scatter in many directions. In contrast, Saxony styles display straight, even fibers that give the room a formal look.

Nylon, the most popular fiber, can be installed throughout the home

Highly durable nylon resists moisture, dirt, mildew, and daily wear and tear. Because the fiber also resists matting, you can expect carpet to keep its original look for many years. In addition, nylon is a resilient fiber, which will bounce back up after footsteps compress it.

Rugged and long-lasting pet-proof carpeting is a good choice

Many companies offer highly stain-resistant carpet backed by a comprehensive pet-friendly warranty. This floor covering is designed for easy-clean convenience. In addition, many brands are made of nylon or triexta, a newer durable fiber that is strong and naturally waterproof.

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