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Carpet Installation Guidelines
The following are general guidelines that should be followed prior to the installation of your beautiful, new flooring. By following these guidelines, you can ensure yourself a trouble-free carpet installation.
Door Cutting
Our carpet installers will gladly remove hinged doors and replace them after new flooring is installed.
Baseboard moldings, in most installations, can be left in place. Our installers will work with the molding, but cannot be responsible for breakage and scratches.
Removing Your Existing Flooring
You will need to know how you will dispose of your old flooring before installers arrive. If you are going to remove the old carpet and pad yourself, please leave the existing tack strip down only if replacing with carpet.
Color Changes and Shading
Many of today’s high luster carpet fabrics display a light or dark shade difference in color depending on the direction the carpet is laid in the room.
Carpet Pattern Matching
Due to the nature of the manufacturing process, most print and multi-tone patterns are impossible to match exactly. Many of these styles will require additional yardage to achieve the closest match possible.
Warmth & Space, Please
Installers will work in areas other than the room(s) being laid with new flooring in order to prepare and store the new floor covering during installation. Typically, this will be a garage, patio or carport. Please be sure there is electricity handy and the temperature is at least 65 degrees in the rooms to be installed.
Material Waste
Every installation has material waste; these leftover pieces are most common in irregular rooms, or when stairs and halls are recovered.
Carpet Seams
In order to properly install your new flooring, cutting and seaming are quite common. Today’s heat-bonded seams are as strong as the rest of the carpet; however, the seams themselves are not invisible. Our installers take great pride in making the seams as inconspicuous as possible.
Room Installation Guidelines
Dining Rooms and Dens
Remove all of your breakables (plates, vases, lamps and collectibles) prior to moving the actual furniture; make sure all electrical components are disconnected before you attempt to mover your stereo, computer, VCR or TV. Our installers are not responsible for reconnecting these items.
Kitchen & Utility Areas
Disconnect your washer, dryer and all gas appliances. Our installers are not responsible for disconnecting or reconnecting any appliances.
Beds need to be stripped prior to installation. Installers will dismantle the beds if necessary.
If vinyl is installed, please arrange for bowl to be removed prior to the installers’ arrival.
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